We specialise in:

  • Earthworks

    Fortade specialises in moving the earth for you, from small residential excavations such as driveways, pools, foundations to commercial applications such as sub divisions, road building and excavations, we have the plant and experienced employees to make this happen. Fortade also have access to many suppliers of quarry product and can transport these to you at a competitive rate. Our fleet of tip trucks, dogs, table tops, crane truck and side tipper trucks offer a truck for all needs, including our prime mover that can move your equipment with either our Low Loader float or semi-trailer. Added to our comprehensive fleet of excavators, Fortade now also offer wheeled excavators, grader, backhoe and water truck, Positrack, roller and bobcat. If we have not got the item you require, we can usually source it at a very competitive rate.

  • Railway level crossings, re-sleeping and drainage

    Fortade’s passion is our speciality in working with rail infrastructure. Our experience has seen us complete multiple small and large projects from Broadmeadow in the south to Brisbane in the north. Our rail fleet includes a 14.5 tonne hirail excavator, hirail dumper and hirail truck. Fortade also has access to scissor lifts that have proven beneficial when undertaking rail bridge work. Fortade currently has a selection of Rail Protection Officers from Level 1 – 3 and can offer 52/53 track certifications. Our Rail Protection employees have industry experience and provide a professional approach to this important arm of our business. Our valued clients include ARTC, John Holland Rail and principal contractors such as CivilTeam Pty Ltd, Signal Support Services Pty Ltd and PanCivil.

  • Vegetation management

    Here at Fortade, we pride ourselves on being able to offer all types of vegetation management. customers such as the Nambucca Shire Council, ARTC, Forestry, N.S.W Rural Fire Service, Office of Environment & Heritage and Local Aboriginal Lands Councils and private customers have engaged Fortades’ expertise. Our work has included projects to provide Asset Protection Zones (fire breaks) to assets, roadside & trackside vegetation management and safe removal of vegetation if required. Fortade take seriously all environmental conditions related to the proposed work and works consistently in accordance with Fortades’ own Environmental Works Policy.

Additionally, we provide a broad range of services for different customer needs:

  • Clearing work

  • Geotechnical survey

  • Landslip remediation

  • Pipe laying

  • Septic systems and sullage areas

  • Subdivision prep work

  • Building footings

  • Sediment and erosion control

  • Road construction

  • Dam construction

  • House & shed cuts

  • Clearing work